Weight Loss Medicine

Are you interested in losing weight quickly and safely? Our medical weight loss program can help you lose on average of 25 pounds in 6 weeks! We offer customized programs to help you stimulate your metabolism, shed inches, increase your energy level and make you feel like a new person.

Our customized programs include the IAPAM hCG medical weight loss program initially studied by Dr. Simeons in 1952. Our hCG program uses daily injections of HCG, weekly vitamin injections, along with a very low calorie diet to lose weight effectively and renew your metabolism.

Weight loss is most successfully when you are followed by a physician and seen weekly. This is why our programs require weekly check-ins to receive your body composition analysis, weekly vitamin injection, to discuss your achievements and to provide further education on exercise and nutrition.

What is Medical Weight Loss?

The Weight Loss Medicine practice at Smile and Body is an individualized patient-centered program that is unique to each person and their existing medical conditions.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Kupeyan will review your medical history, surgical history, family history and social history. This is followed by a discussion of your weight loss goals. Routine blood work and a physical examination will be performed. Taking all of the above factors into consideration, an individualized weight loss program will be created involving weekly visits for counseling and coaching, vitamin supplementations, blood pressure monitoring, body measurements and body composition analysis. Once your goal target weight is reached, Dr. Kupeyan will continue to follow you monthly to ensure you maintain your goal weight.