For those who have dentures and dental implants.

Although we have great success with dental implants, the teeth on certain ones are fabricated from acrylic. Due to differences in body physiology and everyday life, this. Acrylic wears at different rates. Evidence shows us that it varies from individual to individual from 4.5 years to 15 years. New medications and changes in stresses of daily life accelerate these changes. This may show up in breakage, loss of biting height and facial changes.

Recently, we have learned to managing this wear, by fabricating porcelain teeth for the upper jaw and acrylic teeth for the lower jaw. This method allows only the lower teeth to be changed changed.

The implants and the metal substructure are fine only the acrylic and the acrylic teeth require changing.
We can usually do this in one day.

Retread - Controlled Repair

Common question for retreads:

I have had fixed teeth over implants for 10 years but now the the teeth are all worn down. What can I do? Do I need to get a new set?

Your teeth are most likely made of acrylic denture teeth, with a secure metal frame underneath it that is attached to the implants with small screws.

The solution is very reasonable and quick, you may be without your teeth overnight. Since you have a frame that has been there for years, this does not have to be remade, the worn acrylic teeth are removed , and new acrylic teeth are set is placed and processed . This takes about one day to do.