Teeth Whitening


The Light System

Due to its unique design, our light is able to simultaneously whiten all teeth simultaneously, with an amazing shades of improvement. This system has been clinically proven to give great results that can last for years.


The Gel

The gel contains a proprietary photo-initiator, which assists in chromophore destruction at the tooth surface. What does this mean? In short, our gel is ready to be activated by our patented blue-light, which shines on the gel and activates its natural teeth whitening compounds. The blue-light will only trigger the gel because it is specifically tuned to respond to certain wavelengths of light.

At Home Tray Bleaching

The at home system involves taking impressions of the teeth and fabricating specially designed trays to hold self activated bleaching gel. These trays are placed in the mouth over the teeth and are worn for a specified period of time, depending on the instructions from the manufacturer of the gels.