Teeth in an Hour™ is a revolutionary new procedure that allows patients to leave the office with fixed teeth in less than one hour.

Smile and Body Teeth-in-an-HourWhat is involved?

  1. Initial Evaluation
    Dr. Kupeyan will discuss treatment plan with the patient based on x-rays, and clinical examinations.
  2. Treatment Plan
    A formal treatment plan is reviewed and consent forms are filled out and processed.
  3. Prototype Teeth
    Existing dentures are analyzed for their degree of facial support and used to create a scanning denture.
  4. CT Scan
    A low-radiation CT scan of the patient’s jaw wearing the scanning denture is completed.
  5. Virtual Surgery
    Nobel Biocare’s Procera System creates a 3D model of the patient’s jaw to determine surgical steps.
  6. Fabrication of Teeth
    Using the virtual surgery guide, our in-house laboratory fabricates a new set of teeth.
  7. One Surgical Visit
    The implants and teeth are installed in less than sixty minutes with no incision and minimal discomfort.

Am I a candidate?

Teeth In An Hour is currently in use by patients who wish to replace their removable dentures with permanent teeth. However, Teeth in an Hour is also used to replace individual teeth.

Book an appointment with Dr. Kupeyan to determine if this procedure would be the most effective treatment.

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Is Teeth in an Hour widely available?

In short, no. The new 3D virtual surgery technology is a relatively new concept in dental care. Smile & Body offers both a fully accredited surgucal facility and a state-of-the-art laboratory that improves efficiency and cuts down on waiting times.

Dr. Kupeyan even conducts training courses in implant placement and implant prosthodontics for dentists across North America.