People who are told they are losing their bone around teeth, either naturally or due to periodontal (gum) disease, tooth decay or injury, face unwanted changes over a period of time. The most serious of these problems is the loss of underlying jaw bone, for without the support of this foundation, dental treatment becomes compromised. These considerations lead to further compromise in the remaining dentition causing painful and incomplete chewing of foods, loosening of teeth and infections.

If dental intervention is early, with today’s technological advances, hopeless teeth are removed and dental implants are installed with provisional (temporary) teeth are inserted at the same time – Teeth in a Day™ .

The advantages of this treatment is that as in the past, these teeth were removed and a denture was inserted. Not anymore. The issue with this previous method was that the denture had to be adjusted as required to deal with the sores on the gum tissues as the healing occurred. It eventually had to be relined to keep up with the changes after tooth removal. Most often these dentures did not meet the functional, aesthetic and speech requirements of the patient, leaving the patient with compromised dentures.

For those who are destined for losing their teeth and do not want a removable denture, Teeth in a Day™ is their saviour. If you struggle with ill-fitting dentures, you can walk into the Smile and Body office at 7am with inadequate dentures and leave at 3pm that same day with a full set of fixed teeth, placed into the jawbone by Dr. Kupeyan.

Later, your natural looking replacement teeth are precisely fabricated by our in-house laboratory and attached to the implants. People who have had traditional dentures before often describe this as an overwhelming and very positive experience.