In-House Laboratory

World Class Laboratory, All In-House

Dr Kupeyan and his Team of Dental Technicians are dedicated to providing the utmost in dental technological services. They developed a full service in house dental laboratory to meet the patient’s needs. The uniqueness of the in house laboratory provides patients with customized service to minimize dental visits.

Advanced Technology

Our Laboratory keeps pace with all the latest technologies. Since the late ‘80s we have used Cad Cam to maintain the most accurate fits and strength. Our system (NobelProcera) uses centralized industrial milling facilities so we keep pace with the newest machinery and materials. The NobelProcera system allows us to offer Zr and Ti Custom abutments for every patient. For single tooth restorations we can offer the latest eMAX (lithium-disilicate), Zr, Al, and Ti materials as well as traditional Gold & Gold with Porcelain crowns. Single tooth restorations can include Crowns, Veneers, Inlays and Onlays.

We also make one piece Zr Implant supported bridges for the strongest most esthetic restorations. A Zr bridge can be custom made for almost all types of implants and combinations of implant types in one bridge. It comes in a variety of colours to help to help match the individual patient. In many cases we will add tissue coloured porcelain to help blend the bridge to the gums.

These bridges can be used for fully and partially edentulous patients. For the Denture patient we have many options. Traditional tissue supported dentures, implant retained dentures (with 2 implants and clips) or 4+ implants and a bar with clips to keep it from irritating the gums. With 3-6 implants we offer a fixed denture that is screwd to the implants and will not come out except by a dental provider. Custom bars of Titanium are designed in our laboratory for each overdenture and fixed denture patient. The program is adaptable for multiple Implant systems. Virtually any situation can be dealt with.

At the Forefront

Dr. Kupeyan was involved with research and clinical trials of these new “All Ceramic” crowns and implant components in the early 1990’s at the University of Michigan. Pictures of these first crowns were published in one of the original articles describing this developing technology at the time.

Procera: A new way to achieve an all ceramic crown. M. Andersson et al in Quintessence Int. 1998 May; 29 (5) : 285-96.
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Upon commercialization, Dr. Kupeyan’s in house laboratory has utilized and kept abreast of this technology.

In our laboratory we have a scanner which we use to scan the dies produced from Dr. Kupeyan’s impression. Once the dies are scanned into the computer we use the Procera software to design the coping, bridge unit or custom abutment over implants (Dr Kupeyan has been teaching the use of this technique to other Dentist since 1995).

Each unit is individually designed on screen, all the parameters that the production unit requires are set and once the design has been finalized the files are sent to New Jersey and the coping portion is returned to us within 3 working days. All the final porcelain application is customized in our own facility for quality assurance. All single units carry a manufacturers 5 year warranty against material failure. The first manufacturer’s warranty of its type ever, for a dental restoration.