Dental Services

Thank you for visiting Smile and Body (Dentistry) and putting your trust in us. For more than three decades, we have been providing the highest level of dental treatment options to patients who have missing or damaged teeth due to trauma, neglect or congenital defects. Passion for excellence describes our team of skilled individuals whose goal is to provide life changing experiences in a caring atmosphere. Our integrated facility is structured to provide the dental care that you deserve.

Our uniqueness helps you choose how you direct your treatment. We provide dental care and dental implant treatment (from start to finish) in ONE OFFICE. However for those who are working with other dental practitioners we provide Surgical, Technical and Restorative Services to help in your treatment.

How it Started

During his tenure (since 1983 at University of Michigan), Dr. Kupeyan realized in 1995 the implications of these advancements in cosmetic and implant dentistry to clinical practice. The way dentists provided treatment was changing with CAD/CAM technology, tooth coloured caps (crowns) was becoming more easily accessible. Implant treatment solutions were being developed for those patients that were told nothing could be done for them.

Dr. Kupeyan was then asked to become involved with CAD technology for virtual implant surgery at that time but never expecting that this would be available for every day patient care. Computer guided surgery proved to be minimal invasive with faster recovery time for patients. He was asked to demonstrate this surgery “Teeth in an Hour” to the dental community (Toronto, Ontario) in 2004. Dr. Kupeyan was proud to be involved, especially since this was the first in Canada. This has even been modified further to make it more accessible for patients.

In 2005 Smile and Body moved into our new facility integrating all aspects of providing dental and facial aesthetics. Our in-house dental laboratory now allows us to provide personalized service.