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This includes the following for inclusive treatment:
  • Gathering of information, for example, X-ray’s.
  • Computer aided planning, computer aided surgery if this is the optimum option.
  • A new denture may or may not be required for the conversion phase to a non removable teeth.
  • Surgical placement of 4 implants, any bone contouring (alveoloplasty) necessary to follow the All on 4 protocol.
  • Placement of abutments.
  • All necessary impressions and facial measurements.
  • Laboratory conversion and fabrication of non removable provisional teeth.
  • Placement of the non removable provisional teeth (Reinforced acrylic teeth), placement of the temporary plugs.
  • Follow up care for 3-6 months during the healing process.
  • Any adjustments or repairs during the healing period.
What does it not Include?
  • Extraction of teeth and sedation, only if the patient requests it, otherwise it is done with regular freezing (local anaesthetic).If these acrylic supported teeth are used beyond their recommended time, please see the attachment.

Phase 2

Non Removable Final Teeth

Fabrication of the final teeth with the metal substructure ( made from titanium by computer aided manufacturing). This gives support and strength to the final non removable teeth.

New impressions and final facial measurements are done to double check to provide the best outcomes in function, health and cosmetics.

The All on 4 method uses acrylic denture teeth to minimize cost, however other teeth options are available, such as porcelain.