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How does it work?

Smile & Body Patient Preferred Approach

Patient demand for expedited delivery of implant therapy is challenging the practice of dentistry. The Smile & Body, patient preferred approach provides both the dentist and the patient with an alternative to conventional implant therapy. The evidence from research illustrates similar success rates for both immediate and traditional implant placement. Understanding the diagnostic criteria that we have accumulated throughout the past two decades is still the foundation for aesthetically and functionally successful results.

Teeth-in-a-Day. What does that mean?

Is this treatment option known by other names?

All On Implant Treatment Solution for the Completely Edentulous Patient or Those About to Lose Their Teeth.

(May be known by other names, such as “Teeth the Same Day, Teeth in a Day, Teeth in an Hour) A phased treatment protocol, providing the comfort, stability and function of a fixed (non-removable) denture. Most importantly preserving the existing bone levels and minimizing natural bone loss. Our goal is to provide patients with optimal dental results with minimal financial commitment. We believe patients should receive value for the money spent on their dental treatment. With the advancements in implant design, implant surfaces, parts coming thru the gums and the knowledge gained from biomechanical research we can now present to patients (who are candidate with moderate bone loss) the “All on” Patient Preferred Method.

What is All-On4

This approach with 4 Implants is best suited for those patients who have an opposing removable denture. Four dental implants retain a non-removable set of teeth (Phase 1 Prosthesis).

The “All on” method is used as an entry-level, non-removable (fixed denture prosthesis) to begin providing patients with comfort and stability of a non-removable prosthesis using only 4 implants. Although the “All on” form of treatment options shows promising results, it is not recommended for every situation. Everyone is different; therefore, one treatment does not fit all. It has been demonstrated that teeth retained by dental implants increase biting forces (pressure). We may recommend or place one to two more implants depending on your specific clinical needs. For example, six well distributed implants will provide more stability and support with teeth extending further back in the mouth for those patients who have adequate bone and have natural teeth on the opposing jaw. When individuals have their natural teeth in the opposite jaw a minimum of six implants are recommended and still may vary with the type (quality ) of bone.

Why work with us?

While almost any dentist can restore an All-On case, it’s sometimes difficult to find surgeons with the know-how and expertise to help you treatment plan these cases and to perform the surgical aspect (initial phase) of the procedure.

We have the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully perform the initial phase of the All-On procedure, as well as to simplify the delivery of the final prosthesis (secondary phase) by you in your office, after soft tissue healing and implant integration.

Additionally, help with maintenance, repairs, follow-up and the management of any complications should they arise is always available. Lastly, to ensure your patients receive the highest quality.

Smile Care prosthesis available, you’ll have access to expert help and support from our laboratory technicians.


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