Compare Costs

The following is intended to help those considering dental implant treatment to obtain an overview of the fees involved. The following example will show you how the fees breakdown. (Following fees at smilecare are in effect until December 31, 2016).

This example is demonstrated as if your existing dentures are recent and you are satisfied with their appearance, your function and comfort will always improve by having teeth supported by dental implants and you will feel better. This also takes into concideration that your gums and bone shrinkage is normal. The final teeth that you are getting is the standard acrylic denture teeth supported on a titanium framework (in our laboratory we CAD/CAM this and it is a precise fit over the installed implants and is called a Procera Implant Bridge (PIB)) and retained by the implants.

When you are ready to obtain non removable teeth, there are two phases.

Phase 1

Implants are installed and the existing dentures are converted into reinforced acrylic non removable prosthesis (teeth). You wear these until the bone grows around the implants, which is usually 3 months for the lower set and 6 months for the upper set. (The upper set takes longer because the bone is softer). For more information, check out the FAQ’s page, here.

Phase 2

Final set of PIB supported acrylic non removable teeth are made as described above.

Phase 1 All On 3 All On 4 All On 5 All On 6
Surgical Implant Placement $4,572.00 $6,096.00 $7,260.00 $9,144.00
Conversion Process $6,803.00 $7,624.00 $8,445.00 $9,266.00
Total Costs $11,375.00 $13,720.00 $15,705.00 $18,410.00
Phase 2 All On 3 All On 4 All On 5 All On 6
Total Fee Costs $7,891.00 $7,891.00 $7,891.00 $7,891.00

To determine your final totals add the totals from phase 1 and phase 2.

Please note some patients want special options, such as porcelain teeth, we can review your goals and provide you with estimates.

Thank you for choosing Smile Care Dental Implants.