All-on-4: Next Generation

This treatment is for fully edentulous patients who have somewhat adequate existing dentures.

The development of cone beam CT scanning technology and 3-D treatment planning software (NobelClinician powered by Procera [Nobel Biocare]) have allowed patient treatment to be expedited and minimally invasive. Using these technologies, these cases can be treatment planned virtually to produce a CAD/CAM surgical template to place the implants in a precise, predetermined position. The immediate functional loading in a single surgical procedure is modified using the computer aided manufacturing protocol (CAM). A new final non removable teeth are fabricated (CAM) with a titanium framework (PIB – procera implant bridge)to support the acrylic teeth within 10 -14 days. This could be done in a few days, however the manufacturing process holds us up.


As with all computer guided surgery, this procedure is minimally invasive and quick. However by not having the interm, non-removable acrylic teeth the patient saves several thousand dollars. Granted you are without teeth for 10-14 days, so it is a trade off.