Aesthetic Medicine

There is a global anti-aging revolution in our society and it is making aesthetic medicine and less invasive procedures more popular than any other time in history. Baby-Boomers are turning 60 at the rate of 11,000 per day! People are living longer today and they want to look as young as they feel. Living in a health conscious society, many people incorporate diet and exercise into their daily routines, but you can’t exercise away wrinkles. The mirror eventually reflects the effects of aging, no matter how youthful we feel inside. Many people seek less invasive cosmetic procedures to look and feel better and to remain confident and competitive in the work place and in social situations.

A generation ago, cosmetic surgery was a big deal and involved weeks of recovery time. It was a well-kept secret generally obtainable by wealthy individuals. Patients were usually hospitalized for several days and endured procedures that were very expensive and took months to heal. Today, less invasive cosmetic procedures are much simpler and safer. People are having aesthetic procedures at a younger age. The average age for a facelift has dropped from the sixth decade to the forth decade. Twenty years ago the hospital stay for a facelift was four days! Today, our minimally invasive facelift patients can be treated in our Accredited Surgery Center and return home within a few hours. All of the cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Blue at Smile & Body require no general anesthesia and can be performed with the patient awake without sedation. Newer techniques have made procedures simpler, safer and present fewer complications.