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Loose Screws

Over a long period of time the teeth wear and biting pressures change. These forces apply undo pressures and some screws lose their grip. This is a normal process, this is why we always check the bite during the cleaning sessions, and provide adjustments if needed.

However if screws come loose within the first 3 months, there usually is a mismatch or a fit issue with the components of the implant complex.


Dr. Herman Kupeyan


This term has become popular recently, it is inflammation around dental implants after they have been in the mouth for some time and usually teeth have been made over them.

The causes are still unknown. There is speculation that it is a host reaction from bacterial changes in the mouth. It appears since bone and gums recede around natural teeth they seem to believe that the same is occurring around implants.

The treatment options are very similar to around natural teeth:

  • Have teeth and implants cleaned every 3 months
  • Gum Surgery – Lower gum tissues or add hard gum tissue
  • Add bone support with gum surgery

Dr. Herman Kupeyan

Dental Implant Warranties

Manufacturers have different warranties. At Smile and Body we use Nobel Biocare implants. This is one of the most well regarded manufacturers and stand behind not only their implants but also the teeth that are manufactured over the implants.

International dental implant success rates are placed in host bone (patients with their own bone) is around 97%. At Smile and Body if we place an implant, and for some reason it does not take, we will remove it, allow the site to heal (on its own, if there is adequate bone) and place another implant at no additional cost. The success at redoing an implant if there is adequate bone is nearly 99.9%.


Dr. Herman Kupeyan